Synergo partners with Lynq in developing a new dining experience

An app to help improve the profitability of bars and restaurants

Synergo Group is happy to support Lynq, a promising startup, recently launched in Toronto, Canada. Lynq has a unique approach to improve the profitability of bars and restaurants, while allowing customers to receive cash back automatically by just paying with their normal credit card. 

The entire hospitality industry faces, among other challenges, the challenge of getting people to start going out again. Long gone are the days when people used to randomly go out for a drink or have a bar-hop experience. The new dining experience after the pandemic is impacting all of us, and owners of bars and restaurants have been forced to improvise new ways of thinking. 

Lynq rewards users seamlessly and in the background, without needing coupons or staff involvement, when they connect with others face to face while having a meal or a drink. Lynq works with the credit card networks to deliver the discrete experience, rewarding users with real cash back in seconds.

A dedicated team at Synergo, working with the latest mobile technologies, helped develop an iOS and Android app, and supporting backend, to create this innovative hospitality experience for end–users (customers), and for owners of bars and restaurants alike. 

Synergo Group has extended expertise in the hospitality industry. 

A team of designers, developers, testers, product managers, business Analysts (an Agile team) worked closely with the business side of this product to understand consumer needs and to deliver a product with a great experience. 

Here are just a few features to be mentioned from the process of developing this product.  

Top features for end users

  • Earn cash back automatically when you pay with your normal credit card at Toronto bars and restaurants.
  • Lynq works seamlessly in the background with Visa and Mastercard to reward users with real cash back that they can redeem via Interac e-Transfer. 
  • Lynq users can send some of their cash rewards to friends in seconds 
  • Lynq users earn $5 when they invite a friend that also becomes a user 

The main benefits to bars and restaurants

  • Lynq helps to improve partner location slow periods through time-based rewards 
  • Lynq helps to increase average transaction values through minimum-spend rewards
  • No staff involvement is needed for the program to run
  • It’s a hospitality focused rewards program designed to help improve profitability of bars and restaurants. 

Download the app 

Get on the App Store.

Get on the Google Play.

Recently, Lynq has been featured in the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest news publication, where Mark Jones, CEO of Lynq, explains the vision and the mission of this startup that came up with such a solution, a new type of hospitality experience, most needed during the recovery period of the pandemic. 

Lynq connects directly to the user’s credit card network and allows diners to redeem their rewards for cash via Interac e-Transfers. All you have to do is show up and pay with the card you have linked to your Lynq account.

“It’s seamless,” Jones said, and removes the need for coupons or QR codes that present more work for already stretched employees. Jones hopes to expand to cities outside of Toronto eventually, but for now, is looking to make an impact on this city’s re-emerging restaurant industry.”

“The loss and closures of local restaurants completely changed the fabric of our city and communities,” Jones said. “We need to do our best to continuously support them.”

To read the full story “Oysters and rosé: Toronto’s hospitality industry tried to lure back staff” click here.

The Synergo team is thrilled to support a local startup, as well as the local hospitality industry in Toronto, by developing this product, and to improve everyone’s experience. 

As more locations come on board we look forward to continuing to support the Lynq team with an exciting roadmap ahead.

If you have a startup idea you would like to discuss, and estimate your product from scratch or simply add-on tech or business expertise to your ongoing project, we are here to help. Let’s talk.

Cloud Migration Solutions

A team specialized in cloud computing can save you time and money

In the past two years, the pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. 

The global shift to remote work, came with challenges and opportunities at the same time. 

According to Global Workplace Analytics, the average business can save around $11,000 annually for each worker who spends half their time working remotely. 

In this context, cloud migration became a reality for most businesses. In the work-from-home environment companies need to support their employees with tools that are cloud based, easily accessible and secure. 

At the same time, in order to be cost effective, the selected tools require to be integrated with the company’s existing infrastructure – that’s the main reason why it’s best to collaborate with cloud specialists. 

The numbers indicated long ago the growing need for expertise and consultancy in cloud migration, and during the pandemic it has been intensified. 

Cloud migration solutions for your business

At Synergo Group, since the beginning of COVID-19, we’ve had companies and partners frequently asking about highly secure tools and solutions they could use to leverage their teams to work smoothly remotely. 

Cloud adoption is here to stay, and Synergo Group is offering cloud migration teams that are adaptable to any part of the world. We customize the cloud migration solutions to the size of your company and the data you want to migrate. 

We’ve been used to working remotely since our inception – therefore we know the tools that can help your organization, and how to make them work for your environment, considering also the integration into your system.  

We cover a large part of the cloud migration services. Our experts will define your cloud migration roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, and work together to have a smooth transition. 

Optimizing the cloud spend with a dedicated team

In order to maintain the organization’s business productivity and agility, it is recommended to consider staff augmentation to enable rapid response when a specific need arises. 

A team specialized in cloud computing can save you time and money, helping you stay secure and prevent delays in business. 

Adding cloud experts that can quickly understand your business culture, and skilled IT specialists to round out your team will enable you to work more effectively and to deliver more efficiently to your customers, and partners, while empowering flexibility with your remote workplace. 

Here are a couple of specialities we can add to your teams:

  • Cloud Services & Cloud Migration 
  • Data Analytics & BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Project Management & Business Analyst
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps

You can send us a free quote request to discuss your specific need to understand together what’s the best cloud solution for your business. 

Synergo Group Is One Of The Software Development Game Changers in Canada

As an award-winning software development company in Canada, we pride ourselves on having the best standards and practices when embarking on any project. But when it comes down to it, clients don’t select partners based on what we want them to see. They chose based on what other clients show them.

This is the story of how our past performances convinced an organization to partner with us for an important project. As well as how that project propelled us to greater heights.

The project involved a non-profit organization that focused on conservation education and awareness efforts. They were maintaining a citizen data collection program but found that they didn’t have the system, resources, or personnel to handle and analyze all of the incoming information.

According to the review, the company searched for vendors with software development experience and filtered them based on client feedback and review scores. Our scores helped us make the cut and our presentation gave us the edge we needed to be chosen for the project. 

Our goal was to develop a platform that streamlined the entire process and minimize human error as much as possible. We’re confident in saying that our team was successful in that regard just based on the score our client gave us on the review. But for those that want a bit more detail, they can read through the whole review on our Clutch profile.

The point that we want to highlight with this article is the strong connective power between our past reviews, this review, and the current development that we’re experiencing at the moment.

As the client mentioned, we were noticed and chosen because of the positive feedback and high scores on our past reviews. Thanks to the review and score that they gave us for this particular project, Synergo Group has been included in the list of top-rated companies in Canada by Clutch itself.

This is a most welcome development that will only help our own brand grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months. But we aren’t content with the place we have now. We know our team is capable of so much more and are eager to prove it.
Please visit our website to read about the services that we offer.

Talk to us directly through our contact page and discover why we’re considered one of the best in the country at what we do.

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And to find the right DocuSign solution for your business to deliver better customer experiences, contact our team at Synergo Group.

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