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No Code Automation

Simplifying App Testing: A Deep Dive into No-Code Automation

The article highlights the rise of no-code automation tools, which are revolutionizing testing by enhancing efficiency and accuracy while cutting...

Project Management

Monte Carlo Simulations: Enhancing Project Management Through Uncertainty

Project management is such in nature that a person is in a state of uncertainty trying to predict exact outcomes...

IT Recruitment

AI in IT Recruitment and Tech Trends

In this entry, we have the pleasure of hosting Gabriel Bogdan, a seasoned recruitment consultant with extensive experience across various...

Data Context Interaction (DCI)

Data Context Interaction (DCI): Rediscovering Craftsmanship

The interview was conducted with Nick Ciolpan, Managing Partner and CTO at Graffino web development agency. Its primary objective was...

project management

Mastering Project Management: Tips from Synergo’s Experts

Ready to dive into project management? We’re sharing insights from three experts at Synergo Group.

Quantum Computing

The Future is Now: Quantum Computing and Its Implications

Discover how Quantum Computing is revolutionizing the tech industry and paving the way for innovation.

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