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A Comprehensive Case Study in Modernizing the Rug Industry

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RugSimple, a dynamic player in the rug industry, sought our expertise in crafting a comprehensive platform to revolutionize the way rugs are bought, sold, rented, consigned, appraised, and maintained. This multifaceted platform serves as a one-stop solution for all things rug-related.

RugSimple’s transformation journey showcases our ability to navigate complex challenges, innovate with cutting-edge technologies, and deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. The strategic integration of VueJS, Hotglue, and Google Cloud services represents a harmonious blend of technology and problem-solving expertise. Through this collaboration, RugSimple has emerged as a pioneer in the modernized rug industry, ready to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

The Synergo team was able to get up to speed quickly with our application and possessed the right combination and caliber of talent to complete tasks in an efficient manner.

Dan Buganto

Founder, RugSimple


Platform Features:

  1. Sales, Rental, and Consignment: RugSimple’s platform seamlessly facilitates the buying, renting, and consigning of rugs. The user interface is designed for intuitive navigation, ensuring a frictionless experience for both buyers and sellers. Through strategic integrations and a user-friendly interface, we ensured a smooth process for every transaction.

  2. Appraisal Functionality: Understanding the value of a rug is crucial, and RugSimple’s platform excels in providing a robust appraisal system. The appraisals are backed by a comprehensive database and algorithms that consider various factors, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

  3. Maintenance and Cleaning Services: Going beyond traditional rug transactions, RugSimple’s platform introduces a unique dimension by offering maintenance and cleaning services. Users can schedule pickups and deliveries seamlessly, enhancing the lifecycle management of their cherished rugs. This feature not only adds value for users but also positions RugSimple as a holistic solution provider in the industry.

  4. Built-in Accounting: RugSimple’s forward-thinking approach incorporates built-in accounting features. This streamlines financial processes for both buyers and sellers, ensuring transparency and efficiency. From transaction tracking to invoicing, the accounting module enhances the overall user experience while providing a secure and trustworthy environment.

The Challenge

Technical Debt and Integration Hurdles:

When RugSimple entrusted us with their project, we encountered a substantial amount of technical debt. To implement new functionalities seamlessly, we strategically employed the VueJS 2 print-run injection system based on bridge components. However, challenges arose when envisioning a modular QuickBooks integration. The platform limitations led us to a workaround, leveraging a service called Hotglue, significantly reducing the time needed for a uniform integration system.

The scalability hurdle emerged, prompting the need for a “job queue” system. This system efficiently handled synchronization tasks, preventing system overload. Another request involved implementing server notifications, or web-push notifications. Opting for Google Cloud services, we discovered its compatibility and efficiency, especially in comparison to AWS for a Dead Letter Queue system.

Tests for a cloud maintenance/deployment system were also on the agenda. Initially considering Terraform, we opted for a serverless solution, ensuring optimal testing processes locally.

The Solution

Addressing Critical Issues and Enhancing Functionality:

  1. Calendar Overhaul in Field Services and Inspections: We executed a comprehensive overhaul on the calendar side of field services and inspections, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

  2. System-Wide Synchronization and Time Zone Challenges: Tackling major system-wide issues, we successfully synchronized the system with different time zones, ensuring seamless global operation.

  3. Measurement Standardization: Resolving measurement standardization issues between metric and imperial units, we ensured accuracy and consistency in all aspects of RugSimple’s operations.

  4. Bug Elimination: Inheriting bugs from the previous team was a challenge. Through meticulous testing and debugging processes, we eliminated these issues, enhancing the overall system stability.


  1. VueJS 2 Print-Run Injection System: Leveraging the VueJS 2 print-run injection system based on bridge components, we ensured a smooth implementation of new functionalities, overcoming initial technical debt.

  2. Hotglue for QuickBooks Integration: Despite platform limitations, we successfully integrated QuickBooks using Hotglue, prioritizing this feature due to client demand.

  3. Google Cloud Services for Notifications: Opting for Google Cloud services for server notifications, we strategically chose a system that complemented RugSimple’s needs, especially in comparison to AWS.

  4. Serverless Solution for Cloud Maintenance/Deployment: Balancing priorities, we chose a serverless option for testing cloud maintenance and deployment processes, ensuring efficiency and scalability.

The Team

“The Synergo team was able to get up to speed quickly with our application and possessed the right combination and caliber of talent to complete tasks in an efficient manner.” Dan Buganto, Founder RugSimple

Team composition:

Heading the project was an experienced Project Manager, overseeing seamless communication, on-time delivery, and alignment with RugSimple’s objectives.

Guiding the team through technical hurdles and decision-making was our Tech Lead, who played a key role in the successful integration of new technologies.

The project enlisted the expertise of two adept developers. They tackled specific challenges, including standardizing measurements and eliminating bugs, significantly contributing to the project’s success. 

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