Creating an Accessible World for people with disabilities

The solution includes voice integration, a geopositioning tracking feature, and a gamification system for autistic people.

In March 2021, Synergo Group started a partnership with a cross-platform mobile app company for autistic people and our collaboration is ongoing.


The company we work with leverages technology to create mobile apps that help autistic and neurodiverse people to live with greater inclusion and independence. Our client’s mission is to create practical tools that improve everyday experiences and enable people with neurodiverse abilities to participate in the world in ways that are meaningful to them.

Our development team worked on implementing new features and providing ongoing maintenance and support for a mobile app on both technologies: iOS and Android.

The challenge

The Client’s primary challenge involved the need to outsource their technology development efforts. We were fully committed to fulfilling this need, offering our expertise and resources to ensure the client’s app met the exacting standards of their Fortune 500 clientele. Our dedication to providing continuous support and development services played a crucial role in the project’s success, demonstrating our ability to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.


Outsourcing Development for Innovation and Maintenance

This strategic move aimed at enabling the development of new features for their app and maintaining it in a cost-effective manner, ensuring the app's evolution without compromising financial efficiency.


Meeting the High Standards

Given that the client's customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, the technology underlying their mobile app required rigorous testing to meet these companies' stringent standards.


Requirement for a Trustworthy and Always-Available Partner

To ensure their app continued to meet the high standards of their corporate customers, the client needed a partner that was not only trustworthy but also available 24/7.

The solutions

SciCan COLTENE’s existing platform needed a facelift to keep up with industry demands. The goal was to diversify various user roles by introducing multiple access levels, optimize device management, and seamlessly integrate a direct sales platform.

Synergo - full service web & mobile solutions team.

Comprehensive Development and Maintenance

In our collaboration with the client, we took on a multifaceted role that extended beyond mere development. We ensured the continuous maintenance of both the mobile app and the client’s website, guaranteeing optimal uptime for the client’s users and customers. This approach provided a stable and reliable platform for their diverse user base.
Synergo - full service web & mobile solutions team.

Addressing Legacy Issues for Streamlined Performance

Upon joining the project, we inherited work from a previous developer and encountered numerous sections of the app that were prone to failure or had been inefficiently developed. Our initial task was to rectify these issues, which allowed us to streamline the app’s performance and lay a solid foundation for future enhancements.
Synergo - full service web & mobile solutions team.

Enhancing Usability and User Experience

Our ongoing development efforts have been geared towards making the app increasingly usable and user-friendly. By focusing on continuous improvement, we have been able to significantly enhance the overall user experience.
Synergo - full service web & mobile solutions team.

Innovative Feature Implementation

In our collaboration, we implemented several innovative features to enhance user engagement and functionality within the app. These include integrating voice commands for more accessible interaction, developing a geopositioning tracking feature for location-based services, and introducing a gamification system with collectible badges to add an element of fun and encourage user engagement.
Synergo - full service web & mobile solutions team.

Improving Accessibility for Special Needs Users

Recognizing the app’s use by individuals with autism, we prioritized simplicity in its design. Our efforts have made it easier for users to quickly access content, thanks to the improved user experience.
Synergo - full service web & mobile solutions team.

Tailoring Features for Dual Audiences

Understanding the client serves two distinct audiences, we also focused on developing features and updates that cater to the corporate needs of their clientele. An example of this is customizing the app for Whirlpool to ensure their content is accessible only within a specific geographic region.
Synergo - full service web & mobile solutions team.

Expanding Content for Enhanced Learning

The app features 12 life skills categories, offering users guidance on various everyday tasks. Synergo Group contributed by adding a new category dedicated to home care, in response to a request from Whirlpool. This addition enriches the app’s content, providing users with comprehensive support in mastering essential life skills.


  1. Diverse Technology Stack for Website and Mobile App: The client’s website is built on WordPress, showcasing our proficiency in utilizing this popular content management system for creating user-friendly, easily navigable websites. For the mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms, we employed cross-platform coding languages and technologies. This approach enabled us to maintain a consistent user experience across different devices while ensuring broad accessibility.
  2. Adherence to UX/UI Best Practices: Throughout the development process, we rigorously applied UX/UI best practices. This commitment ensured that both the website and mobile app not only looked appealing but were also intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing the overall user engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Provision of Ongoing Support: By leveraging Narwhal and NX, the client maintained all projects within a single monorepo structure. This approach not only streamlined the development and testing processes but also enhanced collaboration among team members by providing a unified environment for all project-related activities.
  4. Optimized Testing Structure: To complement our development efforts, we provided ongoing support for the client. This ensured that any issues could be promptly addressed, and the app and website could continue to evolve in response to user feedback and emerging trends, thereby maintaining their relevance and effectiveness in meeting users’ needs.

The Team

This product was very important to us, and in the discovery phase, Cristian Beres, our Founder & Chief Solutions Architect was directly involved, together with a project manager who also steps in and helps, and a whole development team, including backend developers, frontend developers, and designers. For our most recent project with this client, we’re working with a backend developer, a frontend developer, and a UX designer.

Client’s Feedback

“We’ve really appreciated Synergo Group’s initiative in creating a better product for us. Synergo Group has managed to add very helpful features, maintain a 99% uptime, and reduce the hosting cost of the app by over $1,000. The team is extremely timely and proactive and always strives to improve the product.

Additionally, they’re very professional, available, trustworthy, and personable. Synergo Group’s professionalism and courteousness are outstanding; they’re the best development team we’ve worked with.”

Nadia Hamilton

Founder & CEO, Magnusmode

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