Why data analytics initiatives still fail

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According to the 2018 State of Data Governance report, almost 40% of responding firms don't have a separate budget for data governance. If you're in this group, Synergo Group can help find a data services provider that can help you gain control of your data and costs. Azure Cost Management shows your organizational cost and usage patterns with advanced analytics. Reports show Azure cost, usage, reserved instance, and Azure Hybrid Benefit use, so you can make changes as needed, saving money and time. With Azure, you have the tools you need to save. Contact us, so we can quicken your transition to Azure.

There are several reasons why data analytics initiatives fail and those usually lead back to costing your firm a lot of money. That’s why it’s important to cut costs wherever you can. With Azure, there’s no infrastructure to worry about because there are no servers to manage and you only pay for the processing that you use. Synergo Group is here to help your organization save with Azure. Contact us to find out how.

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