Using AI to improve customer experience

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From auto dialing cold calls to ticket scalpers, AI bots can be a detriment to productive commerce. But for every case of bad actors, there's a more powerful instance of AI being used for good. The power behind AI is attractive and Synergo Group wants to help you leverage it for your organization. With Azure AI, you can work across teams to build, test, and manage different versions of your models in production with Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning, so you can build AI applications that suit your needs. Let us help you integrate AI and enhance your customer and employee experience. Message us to find out more.

While it may seem that people will never be surpassed by machines in their ability to deliver great customer service, that assumption is being challenged. Although we’re not quite there, Azure AI services have created easily integrated customer service bots, machine learning, and cognitive services that any organization can use.

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