Top 5 Mobile App Development trends to watch for in 2022

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In the past two years of the pandemic, most businesses have been forced to focus more on digitalization. This context has been conducive to innovation and modernization. That is why the focus will be maintained and intensified so that businesses can keep up with the new changes and with the new consumption habits of users. Mobile apps are among these new behaviors. 

A new day, a new app. 

People nowadays interact more with mobile applications, no matter the work from home context for a majority of industries. There’s an app for anything and everything. 

Mobile app development it’s at the forefront of business needs. Let’s explore the futuristic approach when talking about the latest trends in mobile apps. In this way you’ll be more informed when deciding what’s best to drive your business to the next level. 

The best experience of 5G

It’s been said that this year almost all mobile phones will integrate 5G technology. The speed of 5G is significant and has the capacity to give you a great service, while making a difference in consumers’ lifestyle – creating apps compatible with 5G technology it’s a nice to have. To learn more about mobile consumption and 5G read the GSMA Intelligence report where we see that by 2025, 5G connections will account for 40% of all connections in Europe and 15% among all mobile connections on the planet.  

Wearable Devices

To summarize there’s more room for tech to live on our wrists, in our ears, and other parts of our bodies. If you’re wondering whether flexible fitness trackers and AR glasses are going to be the talk of the tech town year, here’s our take with 22 wearable tech predictions for 2022. Check out the Wearable Hotlist: tech predictions for 2022. 

Cloud-Native Approach 

It’s been predicted before and we’ll continue to see more and more cloud-native applications – apps with code written with a cloud-first approach, that implies having a separate server for hosting, and meaning we are using solution providers like AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. 

Internet of Things

By the end of 2022 the IoT market in the US is expected to exceed $500 billion, a study shows. A great part of this share will be the consumer electronics segment, impacting how people interact and live in their homes – resulting in more opportunities to be explored around providing apps and gadgets that are able to create real-time experiences and improve people’s lives. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Chatbots, facial recognition or voice search will be on top of the trends this year as well as in the past years. AI & ML will continue to shape our industry – mobile applications and devices are not to be left outside this trend, but integrated in many industries, from fashion, healthcare to e-commerce, and many more. 

What to keep in mind

These are just some of the trends that are influencing the mobile app development industry in 2022, but there are many more to be explored. Many of these are already used in the market. 

When talking simply about what mobile tech approach to use, there’s no doubt that Android Development is powerful with Kotlin, and iOS Development will use Swift. 

What’s also important is to have in mind people’s real needs and their desire when crafting a mobile products or services app, or reinventing your business through mobile technology. 

The Synergo Group, our technology experts and consultants, follow the trends and incorporate the most powerful ones into our client’s final products. Cooperating with a reliable and tech savvy vendor will improve your business and make your digital journey a success. 

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