The Technical Skills behind a Startup Launch

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At Synergo Group we cater for the needs of every business. Whether an emerging brand, established player, or a startup in the very early stages of conception, we always provide best in class service from beginning to end.


When we were contacted by a fledgling Classified Ads Startup to lay the foundations for their online presence, we embraced the challenge and set to work developing a brand new system from scratch.

Presented with a vision for creating a simplified and user friendly competitor in the growing online buying and selling market, we took the reins on turning the initial vision into a set of design criteria. With eBay by far and away the dominant player in the market, our mission was to create something new and original that users would flock to, whilst avoiding creating a simplified copy of what was already on the market.

Projects like this really get the creativity and imagination of our technical experts at Synergo thinking. With a blank canvas on which to craft something new and exciting, we always enjoy the challenge of collaborating with customers who have a vision of what they want to create, and need expert assistance to go from conception to delivery.

When we were initially contacted by the customer they highlighted previous bad experiences on freelancer sites and that they were slightly wary about investing more money trying to get their idea up and running. We always aim to go the extra mile, so spoke personally over Skype and provided references to set the customer’s mind at ease.

As the project began, they quickly found the personable approach of all of our staff put them at ease, and gave them complete faith and confidence that their idea was in the best possible hands.

This approach is beneficial for all parties. We have since formed a highly successful ongoing relationship which is focused on continuing to progress this new arrival to the market. We have also since started an additional mobile development project together, a move that typifies Synergo’s commitment to helping every customer with all of their technical needs.

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