The Odigo Group delivers world-class customer experiences with DocuSign

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When was your last great customer experience? How about the worst? Customer experience can make or break deals, drive away customers, or keep them coming back. @TheOdigoGroup delivers positive customer experiences that have put the small marketing agency on the map with some of the world's largest tech companies. With DocuSign #eSignature, they close deals fast, manage paperwork and agreements, and keep clients happy. At Synergo Group, we can help you deliver better customer experiences too. Check out this video and be in touch to find out more about our DocuSign solutions. #CX

The Odigo Group is known for delivering positive customer experiences on their clients’ projects, campaigns, and events. Many of these industry leaders regard the marketing agency as an extension of their team. And they’ve come to expect seamless transactions and streamlined processes from the Odigo team.

The Odigo Group uses eSignature to help send and sign contracts, manage compliance agreements, track trainings, and execute transactions. With DocuSign, this small business provides the leading-edge customer experiences their global clients expect.

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