The Adecco Group connects a global workforce through innovative and collaborative technologies

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Like many decentralized organizations, Adecco Group didn't have the infrastructure to access all the data they needed. That all changed after adopting Power BI. Now Adecco leverages a secure, well-managed infrastructure and benefits from visual drag and drop data exploration -- a story you learn from by watching these two short videos! "We've been making a lot of assumptions about things. Now they're not assumptions anymore... I've been able to build not only my strategy, but also the priorities that we're focusing on," said Aly Sparks, Group Head of Talent Acquisition.

As a global leader in professional staffing, career transition, and talent mobility, the Adecco Group has been transforming the world of work. They help customers embrace the changing employment landscape and develop new ways of working. With 34,000 team members across the globe, they needed more effective ways to collaborate in real time and a better way to access data for driving good decisions.

Microsoft 365 equips HR leaders with the people data needed to drive business and cultural transformation. Now these leaders can tap into the idea of working out loud and stimulating employee creativity with Microsoft Teams. And with Power BI, they’ve unlocked data so they can get the analysis they need, right on the spot!

Check out how Adecco is creating the future of work in these two brief videos!

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