Revolutionizing Transit Accessibility: A Partnership with MagnusCards

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Unlocking Inclusive Journeys

In a move that echoes innovation and inclusivity, Magnusmode, has joined forces with Metrolinx to transform transit accessibility. This strategic partnership aims to provide individuals with autism or neurodiversity a seamless and confident travel experience through the PRESTO, UP Express, and GO Transit network.

Synergo’s Technological Impact

At the core of this collaboration is Synergo’s expertise in crafting custom software solutions that enhance user experiences. Our role in developing MagnusCards, the digital accessibility tool at the heart of this initiative, underscores our commitment to technological innovation for positive change.

Empowering Neurodiverse Communities: MagnusCards, conceptualized and designed by Synergo, serves as a digital companion for individuals facing unique challenges in transit. Through visual cues, audio instructions, and text-based guidance, MagnusCards empowers users to navigate the complexities of transit independently. This move is not just about making travel accessible; it’s about creating a sense of belonging and autonomy for neurodiverse individuals.

Metrolinx & MagnusCards: Enhancing Transit Accessibility

Metrolinx, recognizing the need for inclusivity, has partnered with MagnusCards to offer 22 digital card decks covering various transit topics. From navigating transit and using a PRESTO card to ticket purchasing and trip planning, these guides are a testament to the commitment of all partners involved in reducing barriers on transit.

The MagnusCards app, a testament to our expertise in app development, is available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users can access Metrolinx, GO Transit, UP Express, and PRESTO MagnusCards within the travel category, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.

Nadia Hamilton, the CEO of MagnusCards, expressed her excitement about this. She highlighted how MagnusCards aims to reduce barriers by taking the guesswork out of customer experiences, creating order, and providing tailored support for diverse ways of experiencing the world.

“Reducing barriers to inclusion can mean taking the guess work out of customer experiences, creating order and structure, and providing support catered to how different brains experience the world. I’m SO PROUD of the movement we’ve built with MagnusCards, and the inclusion we are enabling everyday in cities across North America.” -Nadia Hamilton, CEO Magnusmode

We at Synergo, remain committed to leveraging technology for good. Our journey doesn’t end with this collaboration; we’re dedicated to continuously innovating and creating solutions that positively impact lives. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to a future where every journey is inclusive, and every individual can navigate the world with confidence.

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