Synergo Group: A Top 5 iPhone App Development Company

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Create something that you are proud to put your name to. That’s what we think about when we get to work each morning.

At Synergo Group we put the needs of the customer and the experience of the end user at the forefront of our minds when we approach every new project. Our people-orientated approach allows us to keep sight of the big picture whilst staying abreast of all the technical details which allow a project to function.

This approach is fast gaining recognition within the industry, and we are proud to announce that we have recently been highlighted as a Top 5 iPhone App Development company in the latest rankings.

Entering at #4 not only gives us some fantastic positive feedback from within the industry, it also provides the ideal motivation to really push the boundaries over the coming 12 months.

With the philosophy of serving the customer by creating something we are proud to put our name to guiding everything we do, we are sure that the next 12 month cycle is going to be the most productive and creative yet at Synergo Group.

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