Synergo Group Listed Amongst Top 1000 B2B Companies Worldwide!

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As a custom software development company, the team at Synergo Group provides know-how for your software products in all phases: concept, design, development, deployment, and support. Meeting the end goal of our clients is our top priority. Synergo Group is a company in Canada, but we are excited to have recently been listed amongst the Top 1000 B2B Companies Worldwide by Clutch!

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform for B2B companies. Clutch analysts conducted phone interviews with some of our clients. Their awards process is based off of work portfolio, client feedback, and types of clientele. As a B2B company, we are grateful for their platform.

One of our former clients was a health behavioral platform. The VP of this platform recently left a review of our services on Clutch. Below is a snapshot of the review:

The client gave us 5 stars in all of the categories! Meeting the needs of our clients is our ultimate goal, so we are always happy when clients are happy.

The VP also said that:

“The initial stages of the system design received high praise from internal business teams and UAT groups. The team at Synergo Group is collaborative, communicative, and are invested in the success of the platform. Customers can expect quality work and a dedicated staff.”

The Manifest is another website that ranks and reviews B2B service providers. Synergo Group is named amongst the top globally-minded developers on The Manifest. Check out our Manifest profile for an in-depth look at our former clients and notable projects.

Visual Objects is a place where prospective clients can go to get a glimpse at what our pasty development projects look like. Synergo Group is also on their B2B firm research list of top developers!

Hiring developers for your business is far from risk-free. An article from suggests that you research every aspect of the developer, beginning with qualifications and credentials, to make sure they are authentic. With websites like Clutch, we can prove to prospective clients that our development services are top-notch, high quality, and trusted by others.Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about how we can help your business grow with mobile app, custom software, and web development solutions!

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