Synergo Group Is One Of The Software Development Game Changers in Canada

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As an award-winning software development company in Canada, we pride ourselves on having the best standards and practices when embarking on any project. But when it comes down to it, clients don’t select partners based on what we want them to see. They chose based on what other clients show them.

This is the story of how our past performances convinced an organization to partner with us for an important project. As well as how that project propelled us to greater heights.

The project involved a non-profit organization that focused on conservation education and awareness efforts. They were maintaining a citizen data collection program but found that they didn’t have the system, resources, or personnel to handle and analyze all of the incoming information.

According to the review, the company searched for vendors with software development experience and filtered them based on client feedback and review scores. Our scores helped us make the cut and our presentation gave us the edge we needed to be chosen for the project. 

Our goal was to develop a platform that streamlined the entire process and minimize human error as much as possible. We’re confident in saying that our team was successful in that regard just based on the score our client gave us on the review. But for those that want a bit more detail, they can read through the whole review on our Clutch profile.

The point that we want to highlight with this article is the strong connective power between our past reviews, this review, and the current development that we’re experiencing at the moment.

As the client mentioned, we were noticed and chosen because of the positive feedback and high scores on our past reviews. Thanks to the review and score that they gave us for this particular project, Synergo Group has been included in the list of top-rated companies in Canada by Clutch itself.

This is a most welcome development that will only help our own brand grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months. But we aren’t content with the place we have now. We know our team is capable of so much more and are eager to prove it.
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