Synergo Group Announced as One of the Most Reviewed Global Leaders in the AI Industry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) might be a little complex to adopt. For many businesses, however, AI can provide significant advantages across many sectors. For that reason, Synergo Group is in the business of helping companies utilize AI into building unique and innovative digital experiences.

In light of our dedication to guiding our clients, we were recently recognized by The Manifest as one of the most reviewed global leaders in the AI industry.

For context, here’s the timeline of events at Synergo Group:

In 2005

Cristian Beres founded Synergo Group to deliver comprehensive digital and IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. For over 15 years, we’ve been a trusted and reliable partner to many companies all over the world. Today, we’re proud to have been an impactful force to many of our clients’ operations and be a part of their success stories.

In 2010

Assetwatch, an insurance platform, partnered with us to develop its website and mobile app. The goal of the project was to build the requested digital solutions from start to finish. After an in-depth discussion of the direction we wanted to go, we worked on the development and provided the client with the products that meet their needs.

We’re happy to say that the client was satisfied with the results of the project.

In 2021

The Manifest reveals the highest-performing and most-reviewed global leaders of 2021. We’re honored to be the recipient of this award because it proves our commitment to helping our clients succeed in their respective markets.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by The Manifest as one of the most reviewed AI companies.” 

—  Cristi Beres, Founder of Synergo Group

Most importantly, we want to thank our clients for their continued trust and support throughout the years.
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