Synergo Group – A Top 10 Promising Provider In 2017

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At Synergo Group we take pride in what we do. By putting the customer at the center of our business, we task ourselves with creating clean and intuitive apps that meet their needs, and that users will find indispensable.


This approach to uncompromising delivery has resulted in us being voted by the esteemed panel at AppFutura as one of the Top 10 promising app development companies of 2017.

In a market that is full of established players and fledgling startups, we take great pleasure in having our tireless work recognized as being in the top 0.1% of all providers. With over 15,000 providers considered, the scale of our achievement is something that we are very proud of.

Our recent recognition does far than provide some fantastic PR and further entrench our brand at the forefront of the mind of entrepreneurs, it speaks volumes about the diligent and dedicated way every member of our team goes about their business. We have always taken an approach that allows every member of our organization to learn and make a positive contribution to the end product. By fostering a collaborative culture across departments, we have engendered a spirit of collaboration between point of contact and customer. This level of transparent two way communication has allowed us to time and again meet, and then exceed expectations by gaining a unique insight into the customer’s needs and specifications.

Only by truly understanding the initial brief, and then continuously feeding back in the progress made and the result discovered, can you create a product that everybody is happy with. The word “everybody” is the operative word in the preceding sentence. By making everyone involved understand that they have a significant part to play, we have created a culture where excellence is expected, and where customers know that they can rely on the integrity, creativity, and timeliness of the end product.

Giving our staff an opportunity to learn something new every day, and to meet regularly to explore new ideas is essential if we are to continue to keep our place at the forefront of the industry. App development is something that many companies purport to do, but few can carry out with the end-to-end approach that creates something that will stand the test of time and actually solve a real world problem. From day one, our new hires are immersed in a creative environment in which back and forth communication and group problem solving is welcomed with open arms.

We have always believed that problems are best solved in the open, by teams of like-minded people who will each approach a given problem from a different angle. Sitting isolated in a cubicle harms productivity, reduces innovation, and prevents a free flow of ideas from one person to another. None of which benefits the customer or the end product. That’s why we welcome collaborations within our organization, and encourage every member of our team to share their technical skills as they learn from their colleagues. By opening our minds to fresh ideas, we can continue to provide innovative solutions that solve problems and make people’s lives easier. Standing still has never been an option at Synergo Group, we know that if we do that, the size of the industry would overtake us and our customers would go elsewhere. By loving what we do, and also striving to learn something new each day, we are able to stay ahead in a market that continues to see the arrival of new players and competitors on a daily basis.

With accolades and acknowledgement, comes an increased sense of the need to continue providing our loyal customer base with the best in class services that they associate with Synergo Group. Our goal is to never rest on our laurels, and to use our recognition by the experts in the industry as motivation to continue to learn and grow. By empowering every technical member of our team to continue to push the boundaries of their knowledge, and couple this with our proven personable approach to customer service, we aim to create an even brighter future for Synergo Group.

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