Revolutionizing Dental Device Management

A Collaborative Journey towards Innovation and Operational Excellence in the Dental Industry


In addressing SciCan COLTENE’s challenges, Synergo transformed their legacy dental platform with strategic solutions. The impact was profound: a modernized and intuitive interface, a substantial revenue surge through direct sales integration, improved development efficiency, cost-effective API optimization, operational stability during transitions, and enhanced control over device management. In essence, Synergo’s collaborative approach revolutionized SciCan COLTENE’s platform, aligning it seamlessly with the dynamic demands of the dental industry.

Although there was a 7-hour time difference between us, their team was always available to work with us. It felt like they were a part of our internal team. Their passion for their work could be seen in the quality results they delivered. 

Ubong Oluigbo

Manager - Digital Group, SciCan Ltd.


COLTENE, a prominent player in the dental industry, approached Synergo with the goal of modernizing their outdated web portal, as well as introducing some features and services that reflect the needs of dental and medical practices today. The challenge was to elevate their web portal, optimizing multi-role access, streamlined device management, and efficient troubleshooting. The collaboration aimed to retain the existing user base while implementing a refreshed design system.

The Challenge

COLTENE’s existing web portal needed a facelift to keep up with modern expectations. The goal was to diversify various user roles by optimizing multiple access levels and device management.

  1. Legacy Platform Refinement: Modernizing an existing system while preserving core functionalities.
  2. User Role Diversification: Optimizing multiple access levels for Admins, Technicians, End users, and Dealers, balancing accessibility with security.
  3. Device Management and Troubleshooting: Streamlining content presentation and navigation for monitoring, troubleshooting, and remote access to registered devices without overwhelming users.
  4. Design System Enhancement: Elevating the provided design system and components for a cohesive visual language while respecting user familiarity.
  5. Mobile Responsiveness: Adapting almost all screens for mobile sizes to meet the demand for increased accessibility.
  6. Limited API Changes: Navigating constraints of limited API changes, requiring creative solutions for desired enhancements. The goal was to optimize user roles-based access and device management.

The Solution

Redesign for Enhanced Functionality

Synergo’s design team worked closely with COLTENE to revamp the web portal, utilizing a foundational design system and components from a previous team. This allowed Synergo to introduce improvements for new screens while preserving the familiar design language for existing users.

Multi-Role Access and Advanced Device Management

The revamped web portal now caters to an enhanced user access control. It efficiently manages all registered devices, offering features like event monitoring, user and account management, and streamlined troubleshooting.

Analytical Insights and AWS Optimization

In-depth analysis of complex scenarios specific to AWS was carried out using monitoring tools such as Kibana, Grafana, and Prometheus. The team focused on optimizing some existing systems, employing AWS Lambda for specific functionalities, and managing infrastructure using Terraform.

While introducing these enhancements, our team prioritized maintaining overall system stability. In the face of internal company changes, we facilitated smooth transitions, conducted training sessions, and successfully onboarded new personnel.


Coltene’s technology stack included ReactJS for front-end development, AWS Amplify for secure authentication and authorization, Redux for robust state management, and seamless communication with AWS Lambda APIs. To ensure flexibility, external libraries were avoided, crafting custom-made components.

The Team

Although there was a 7-hour time difference between us, their team was always available to work with us. It felt like they were a part of our internal team. Their passion for their work could be seen in the quality results they delivered.

Ubong Oluigbo | Manager – Digital Group SciCan Ltd.

The Synergo team, led by UI/UX designers and developers skilled in ReactJS and AWS, collaborated seamlessly on the COLTENE project. UI/UX designers refined the system for a modern, mobile-responsive experience, while developers refactored code and optimized API calls. System analysts contributed expertise in infrastructure understanding and AWS optimization. This team, working in tandem with COLTENE’s on-site team (backend developers, and testers) successfully transformed the platform into a modern, efficient, and user-centric solution for the dynamic demands of the dental industry.

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