Rainbow Six Siege Uses Azure to Deliver Immersive Multiplayer Games Globally

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Get all the scalability and speed of the cloud without the challenges. Watch this video to see how Ubisoft cracked the code of great user experience for millions of gamers by running Rainbow Six Siege in Microsoft Azure. Then contact Synergo Group to find out how we can help you leverage your data to drive world-class experiences with Azure analytics.

When world-renown gaming company Ubisoft needed a high-powered platform with limitless scalability to run Rainbow Six Siege, it turned to Microsoft Azure. Watch the video to see how Azure cloud services and analytics make it easy for developers to continuously optimize the game in real time with cloud-caliber resources–delivering a heart-pumping experience for millions of gamers around the globe. Then let Synergo Group help you leverage Azure analytics and cloud services to optimize operations across your business so you can focus on delivering great customer experiences.

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