PRS for Music turns up its capabilities with Azure

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Representing over 125,000 members and over 22 million works, PRS has the task of helping musicians collect royalties with Azure. At Synergo Group, we want to help you leverage the same capability. With on-demand infrastructure, Azure lets you leverage per-minute billing. Reduce costs by using a fraction of CPU, and re-engineer processes for cost saving. Deliver greater value with the speed and ease of adding extra capacity. We want to help you integrate Azure capabilities. Contact us for more and check out this video to see how PRS uses Azure to collect trillions of song uses.

PRS processes over 6 trillion music uses per year. That kind of usage would be too expensive to track normally, but with Azure, PRS can record all of those uses in record time and at a low cost. With Azure you can save up to 72 percent over pay-as-you-go pricing with an upfront one- or three-year commitment. You can even exchange or cancel at any time. Synergo Group wants to help you adopt Azure. Contact us and check out this video on how PRS is helping artists collect royalties.

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