Providence St. Joseph Health provides a personalized patient experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Enabling customer service teams with a holistic view of their customers is paramount to maintaining happy customers. In the medical field, however, it can mean the difference between heathy patients or sick ones. Watch this video to learn how Providence St. Joseph Health uses #Microsoft #Dynamics365 to watch over its patients with best-in-class call center support.

Call center representatives in the medical industry have a crucial role to play. Not only must they solve the caller’s issue, but they must do so while conveying empathy, assertiveness, and confidence to the person on the line using only their voice. But to do all of this effectively, they must be armed with the information they need, and must be able to easily and intuitively access it while helping patients obtain a resolution to their problem. Furthermore, they must be able to add new information based on their interaction quickly and efficiently, so if the call breaks or the patient needs to call again, their information is updated and readily available within the system.

Watch this case study to learn how Providence St. Joseph Health has solved all of these challenges by employing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide their Patient Engagement Center Liaisons with a holistic view of patients and their needs.

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