Predicting ocean chemistry using Microsoft Azure

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Forecasting the weather is hard. Forecasting minute changes in ocean chemistry is harder. Fortunately, with Microsoft Azure, Taylor Shellfish can handle the massive amounts of data required to track chemical levels in the sea, allowing them to anticipate changes needed to cultivate their product successfully. Azure provides new insights into available data as well as improved prediction and forecasting capabilities. Synergo Group can help your business achieve the advantages of Azure as well. Contact us to find out how.

Taylor Shellfish, a company that farms oysters in ocean waters off the coast of Washington, uses Azure to provide them with insights into the chemical levels of the ocean to predict the needs of the upcoming season. Once the season starts, Azure helps them monitor massive amounts of incoming data, offering the ability to adjust to changing conditions. With knowledge comes power, and Azure provides the greatest computing power available, letting you make well-informed decisions.

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