New B2B Platform Top Design Firms Includes Synergo Group in List of Top Vendors

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The B2B scene has allowed companies to overcome the challenges of the modern business world as more firms connect. With that in mind, we find it exhilarating to be featured as a leading AI development partner in Top Design Firms’ (TDF) market launch.

From the minds that started Clutch, a hugely respected B2B platform, comes TDF. Clutch’s new sister site aims to grant readers access to a plethora of valuable information when it comes to service partnerships. We’re elated to be given the opportunity to display our work on Top Design Firms.

Synergo Group is a full-service technological development company. We’re passionate about modern tech and seeing how AI revolutionizes the IT landscape

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading web, mobile, and AI developers in Toronto by Clutch and TDF.” 

— Cristi Beres, Founder of Synergo Group

TDF’s ranking process is in-depth and analytical. This is to identify the best companies by industry and location. The TDF team factors the service provider’s level of expertise, impact on customers, and the quality of their client feedback. For instance, our 39 Clutch reviews and overall 4.8-star rating that we’ve received play an important role as to why we’re on TDF’s list.

Take a look at what our customers had to say about our performance:

“They were flexible throughout the project and understood our needs.”

— Michael Greve, Founder & CEO of Rebel Cactus

“Their work was really good, and I was very happy with it. For somebody who’s not very well-versed in technology, Synergo Group did a good job of explaining everything to me and walking me through every step.”

— Ronnie Foxcroft, Business Development Manager at Fox 40 International Inc.

To learn more about our projects, check us out on TDF and Clutch. We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of an emerging business resource.
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