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The solution includes voice integration, a geopositioning tracking feature, and a gamification system for autistic people

In March 2021, Synergo Group started a partnership with a cross-platform mobile app company for autistic people and our collaboration is ongoing.
The company we work with leverages technology to create mobile apps that help autistic and neurodiverse people to live with greater inclusion and independence. Our client’s mission is to create practical tools that improve everyday experiences and enable people with neurodiverse abilities to participate in the world in ways that are meaningful to them. 
Our development team worked on implementing new features and providing ongoing maintenance and support for a mobile app on both technologies: iOS and Android.

We’ve really appreciated Synergo Group’s initiative in creating a better product for us. Synergo Group has managed to add very helpful features, maintain a 99% uptime, and reduce the hosting cost of the app by over $1,000. The team is extremely timely and proactive and always strives to improve the product. Additionally, they’re very professional, available, trustworthy, and personable. Synergo Group’s professionalism and courteousness are outstanding; they’re the best development team we’ve worked with.

Nadia Hamilton

Founder & CEO, Magnusmode, Ontario, Canada

The Challenge

The Client needed to outsource their technology development efforts so that they could develop new features for their app and maintain it in a cost-effective manner. However, their clients are also Fortune 500 companies, and so their technology has to pass rigorous testing from these companies to gain and retain them as customers. Therefore, they needed a trustworthy and 24/7-available partner so that their app could still meet the standard of their corporate customers. We couldn’t be happier to deliver on this premise.

The Solution

The client worked with us on various development projects, and we constantly maintain the app and its uptime for the client’s users and customers. Moreover, we also helped maintain the client’s website.

When Synergo Group joined this collaboration, we had to take over the work done by a previous developer, so we found a lot of parts of the app that kept breaking or hadn’t been developed effectively. Thus, we first helped the client fix those issues to streamline the app.

Since then, our multiple development projects have been focused on constantly making the app more usable and user-friendly.

Among the features that Synergo Group has created are:

  • a voice integration
  • a geopositioning tracking feature
  • we’ve recently implemented a gamification system in the form of collectible badges.

Additionally, Synergo Group has been able to add new features that help end users to utilize the app better. Given that the app is used by autistic people, it needs to be very simple to use. Now, users can easily access content quickly, thanks to the improved UX created by Synergo Group.

Given that the client has two audiences, Synergo Group also helps create features and updates compatible for our client’s corporate needs. For example, Whirlpool, one of their customers, requested that their content only shows within a specific geographic region.

The app has 12 life skills categories for users, including shopping, personal care, travel, safety, and more. Within these categories, users can see digital card decks that walk them through the life skill step by step. Synergo Group has helped create a whole new category for home care, as requested by Whirlpool.


To read more about this solution click here – press release.


As for the technology stack, the client’s website is based in WordPress, and the mobile app is available for Android and iOS, so it uses cross-platform coding languages and technologies. We also used UX/UI best practices and ongoing support.

The team

This product was very important to us, and in the discovery phase, Cristian Beres, our Founder & Chief Solutions Architect was directly involved, together with a project manager who also steps in and helps, and a whole development team, including backend developers, frontend developers, and designers. For our most recent project with this client, we’re working with a backend developer, a frontend developer, and a UX designer.

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