Managing the enterprise cloud with Operations Management Suite

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In today's digital age, it can be tough to keep your data secure as you move forward. At Synergo Group, we believe that you should have the freedom to advance your business interests without having to worry about security. Microsoft uses its own Operations Management Suite (OMS) to help manage their IT environment. Moving their data from on-premises to the cloud allows them to securely monitor their entire system. With the right tools, your business can have the freedom and confidence to grow. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you integrate Microsoft solutions.

With cloud-based monitoring, Microsoft can keep watch over their entire IT operations environment, from the cloud to the datacenter, using the Operations Management Suite (OMS). With OMS, Microsoft doesn’t need to add on-premises infrastructure. They can automate tasks and analyze logs and reporting across multiple platforms–including Azure and Windows Server. Your business can do the same. Contact Synergo Group to find out more information.

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