Managing GDPR with Microsoft Services, including Data Log Exports and the Right to be Forgotten

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Getting compliant with GDPR standards is a tough journey. At Synergo Group, we want that process to be as painless and profitable for your business as possible. Office 365 has several built-in features that allow you to get compliant fast with GDPR. You can get the information you need to complete your data protection impact assessment for Microsoft services, search on specific GDPR articles via the Compliance Manager, and permanently delete user data so you're up to GDPR standards. Make your GDPR compliance journey faster and easier. Contact us and watch this short video for recent updates on planning and implementing GDPR requirements.

GDPR is just the beginning; digital regulations will continue to change. It’s nice to have an IT platform and cloud services provider that helps keep you up to date with the latest changes in regulatory compliance. Microsoft 365 is constantly being updated and provides trusted support and functionality that thousands of businesses rely on. If you’re interested in the latest Office 365 updates, watch this short video and contact Synergo Group so we can help you get compliant today.

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