Autism Acceptance Month: MagnusCards® Expands Inclusion Partnerships

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During this special month, find out how MagnusCards® supports inclusion in its many forms.

For Autism Acceptance Month, celebrate the inclusion brought to life through MagnusCards®. During this special month, find out how MagnusCards® supports inclusion in its many forms. The inclusion MagnusCards® helps to realize continues to power more inclusion partnerships in travel and money management.

Victoria International Airport (YYJ): Simplified Travel Experiences In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, six new Card Decks are available at Victoria International Airport (YYJ) in English and French to help guide passengers through each step of the travel experience, including check-in and security. MagnusCards® makes travel at YYJ an anxiety-free experience for every passenger.

City of Stratford: Accessibility in Everyday Commutes As part of a month-long celebration, MagnusCards® is teaming up with the City of Stratford to release five more Card Decks in English and French. They help locals and visitors master navigation skills on public transit for independent and inclusive activity during the common commute of a day.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT): Seamless Travel in Multiple Languages MagnusCards® celebrates Autism Acceptance this April at Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT) with a collection of five new Card Decks available in English and Spanish. From arrival to departure, experience a journey of smooth travel that ensures it’s inclusive of every traveler.

Regions Bank and M&T Bank: Empowering Financial Independence With every Autism Acceptance Month, MagnusCards® partners with Regions Bank and M&T Bank to introduce five new Card Decks in their series. The goal is to empower neurodiverse individuals with a sense of independence and confidence in their own ability to handle their finances.

NJ Transit: Accessible Public Transportation The core of Autism Acceptance Month values, NJ Transit introduces on the MagnusCards® app 5 New Card Decks online in English and Spanish to make sure that each passenger feels inclusive traveling by public transportation.

About Magnusmode: Magnusmode is proud to recognize Autism Acceptance Month by empowering all minds with accessible tools like MagnusCards® for the entire community. Founded by Nadia Hamilton, Magnusmode is on a mission to create a world of access and true inclusion by empowering individuals and communities across North America.Happy Autism Acceptance Month! Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with inclusive travel and finance made simple through MagnusCards®. Discover how to make travel less troublesome and gain game-changing financial management that really does break down barriers for people with neurodiverse abilities.

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