Kroger’s smart shelves ditch the paper, drop the lights, and delight the shoppers

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Creating better retail experiences isn't always about making things flashier—sometimes it's about turning the lights down. Read this article to learn how Kroger's #Microsoft Azure-powered digital shelves allowed them to create #customized shopping #experiences while decreasing their energy consumption by 40 percent across 2,800 stores nationwide.

Successful digital transformation initiatives are all about efficiency, customization, and complementing human ingenuity. They also strive to create more sustainable businesses, and their impact usually has disruptive, long-lasting effects that cascade across multiple industries, especially those in which processes were hard to update because of technological limitations.

In the supermarket industry, for example, paper price tags, coupons, and pamphlets with weekly offers were the norm for decades. Because of this, the shopping experience was pretty much the same—until now.

In this article, you’ll gain insights into Kroger’s Enhanced Display for Grocery Environment (EDGE) and how it leverages Microsoft Azure and IoT sensors to create a unique, personalized shopping experience for consumers—all while saving more than 1.7 billion kilowatt hours since its implementation.

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