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IDC predicts that 55% of all businesses will be digital by 2020. Have you gone digital? At Synergo Group, we can help! With our @DocuSign #eSignature solutions, you can close deals faster and sign contracts from almost anywhere. Save your business time and money, improve customer experience, and minimize your environmental footprint with #paperless solutions! DocuSign eSignature is a fast and easy way for your business to go digital. What are you waiting for? #GoDigitalwithDocuSign

Going digital can help businesses save time, money, and trees. In fact, the World Economic Forum estimates that digital transformation will contribute more than $100 trillion in value to businesses and society by 2025. $100 trillion!

Going digital with DocuSign can help you increase sales efficiency and customer experience with paperless, sustainable solutions. Check out this infographic for more industry trends and customer stories and see why DocuSign is the industry leader in secure e-signature.

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