Finding a Better Connection with Customers Through Cloud Machine Learning

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Retailers are analyzing data to help customers get a better experience. At Synergo Group, we know that analyzing your data and creating actionable information can help your business sell more and give customers a better experience too. Retailer Pier 1 Imports wanted to better connect with its customers using insights and data. They use Azure Machine Learning to help predict what products the customers might want next, so they can invite them back and give them another great experience with a product they know customers will love. We want to help your organization turn data into action. Contact us and check out this short video for more.

To give customers a better experience, Pier 1 wanted to connect with them using data and insights. To do that, the company created a predictive analytics solution based on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Pier 1 uses data insights to predict which products customers will want using predictive modeling, creating more efficient and effective marketing campaigns. Contact Synergo Group to find out more and watch this short video for more on Pier 1’s marketing strategy.

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