Energy intelligence: renewables.AI

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Renewables.AI is making solar energy affordable. By getting the most out of their data, they can distribute solar power where and when its needed efficiently and at a lower cost. Synergo Group knows that your data holds the key to unlocking savings for your business as well. With Azure Databricks, reduce cost with a managed platform that autoscales up and down. Thanks to the power of Azure, renewables.AI can promote a stable energy future for everyone. We want you to have the control you need to reduce costs and drive revenue. Message us to find out how we can help with a custom-tailored approach.

Renewables.AI maximizes their data to make solar power affordable and infrastructure better for cities and citizens. With Azure Databricks, they can reduce resources and costs associated with scaling clusters manually by autoscaling up and down with their needs. Renewables.AI can even auto-terminate inactive clusters to save resources.

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