Empowering managers

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In the modern retail industry, providing managers with digital solutions that enable them to make faster decisions with greater impact is a crucial step toward digitalizing the business. In this video, you'll see how Kroger uses Microsoft #RetailTech to empower its decision-makers through accurate data that enables the creation of innovative shopping experiences.

Retail managers have a lot on their plate, and ensuring that they make the best of the time they have available is imperative. One way to address this is to ensure that they have access to the business-critical information they need to obtain a holistic view of their customers and stores. This way, managers are empowered to make accurate decisions quickly based on the most-current data and focus on delivering innovative in-store experiences that increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

In this video, you’ll see how Kroger’s Microsoft-powered Virtual Store Manager solution enables retail decision-makers to process their tasks electronically, allowing them to make more-effective decisions and create alluring in-store experiences.

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