Driving digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create an integrated, growth-enabling workplace

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Learn how Red Lion Hotels successfully migrated their legacy systems into Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 to increase team collaboration and power effective, data-driven intelligence for sales strategies. Contact Synergo Group to find out more.

After growing into one of the largest hotel chains in the U.S., the Red Lion Hotel Corporation (RLH) faced the challenge of combining its internal siloed legacy platforms into a unified system that enabled data-driven decision making.

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, RLH obtained accurate performance data analysis, created a more efficient and productive workplace environment, and gained a revenue-increasing ecosystem that fosters integration and scalability.

Watch the video to learn more about their success story, then contact Synergo Group to learn how we can help your organization create its own success story.

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