Dr. Martens “Joins the Revolution” with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Since 1947, #DocMartens has been bringing iconic footwear to the world. Now, with #Microsoft #Dynamics365 they're bringing their signature style to customers faster, with a streamlined e-commerce process. See the story here:

Dr. Martens is an iconic British footwear brand loved the world over for its signature style that unapologetically represents freedom, self-expression, and authenticity. Formed in 1947, Dr. Martens made headway as a wholesale business. Now, they have more than 100 stores globally and ambitious plans for retail and e-commerce growth. Recognizing the need to evolve to suit the needs of the twenty-first century consumer, the brand embarked on “Project Reboot: Join the Revolution” to replace all its legacy applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365. See the full story here.

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