Democratizing AI to Improve Citizen Health

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Artificial intelligence is helping organizations all over the world to expand their capabilities. Just ask the Cochrane Transform Project. At Synergo Group, we want you to have the best tools to increase your abilities. With Azure, the Cochrane Transform Project--and more than 5,000 citizen scientists around the world--are using artificial intelligence to analyze hundreds of thousands of reports and clinical trials, speeding up the research for cures. All thanks to Azure. We want you to maximize your data's potential. Contact us for more.

Healthcare literature has exploded in the past few decades. And with so much more content, doctors are having a hard time finding the information they need to help save lives. Using AI, doctors at the Cochrane Transform Project and thousands of other scientists are increasing the speed with which they can conduct research. A process that used to take years now takes weeks. Imagine how your organization can use the power of AI. Contact Synergo Group for more.

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