DeKalb Mechanical improves service and reduces costs with Microsoft Office 365

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DeKalb Mechanical employees have access to the customer information they need both in the office and in the field. With the mobile access, bid automation, and cloud-based collaboration Office 365 affords, employees are more efficient, more productive, and better equipped to deliver stellar service. DeKalb is satisfying countless customers, plus saving over $150,000 annually in lost productivity. At Synergo Group, we understand the value of time and money, and with #Office365, we can help you save both. Contact us today to find out how.

DeKalb Mechanical is saving time and money with Microsoft Office 365. With mobile access to customer information and service history, onsite technicians and service workers can make quick decisions and deliver better service. DeKalb employees are more productive, more competitive, and recognizing how cloud-based technology is helping to make their jobs easier.

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