Customer Story: St. Lucie Public Schools

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When overburdened school districts struggle to provide resources for everyone, it's easy for some students to get lost in the shuffle. St. Lucie Public Schools is leveling the educational playing field by using Microsoft Education technology to track student progress so that each student receives the support they need to turn their dreams into realities. With Microsoft Power BI, educators can use data to determine what kinds of scholarships and educational opportunities are available for each individual student. At *[$profile.organization], we want to help provide the best resources for all students.

Managing 40,000 students can be challenging, especially when students come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and have varying access to support outside of school. St. Lucie Public Schools, in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, is changing the narrative for their students by closely monitoring every student’s progress to ensure that adequate support and educational opportunities are available to everyone. Check out this video to learn how one school district is empowering its students to succeed in school and the world beyond.

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