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A team specialized in cloud computing can save you time and money

In the past two years, the pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. 

The global shift to remote work, came with challenges and opportunities at the same time. 

According to Global Workplace Analytics, the average business can save around $11,000 annually for each worker who spends half their time working remotely. 

In this context, cloud migration became a reality for most businesses. In the work-from-home environment companies need to support their employees with tools that are cloud based, easily accessible and secure. 

At the same time, in order to be cost effective, the selected tools require to be integrated with the company’s existing infrastructure – that’s the main reason why it’s best to collaborate with cloud specialists. 

The numbers indicated long ago the growing need for expertise and consultancy in cloud migration, and during the pandemic it has been intensified. 

Cloud migration solutions for your business

At Synergo Group, since the beginning of COVID-19, we’ve had companies and partners frequently asking about highly secure tools and solutions they could use to leverage their teams to work smoothly remotely. 

Cloud adoption is here to stay, and Synergo Group is offering cloud migration teams that are adaptable to any part of the world. We customize the cloud migration solutions to the size of your company and the data you want to migrate. 

We’ve been used to working remotely since our inception – therefore we know the tools that can help your organization, and how to make them work for your environment, considering also the integration into your system.  

We cover a large part of the cloud migration services. Our experts will define your cloud migration roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, and work together to have a smooth transition. 

Optimizing the cloud spend with a dedicated team

In order to maintain the organization’s business productivity and agility, it is recommended to consider staff augmentation to enable rapid response when a specific need arises. 

A team specialized in cloud computing can save you time and money, helping you stay secure and prevent delays in business. By partnering with a software outsourcing company that provides cloud experts, you can quickly integrate professionals who understand your business culture. Additionally, incorporating skilled IT specialists into your team will enable you to work more effectively and deliver more efficiently to your customers and partners. This collaborative approach empowers flexibility within your remote workplace, ensuring a seamless and adaptive working environment.

Here are a couple of specialities we can add to your teams:

  • Cloud Services & Cloud Migration 
  • Data Analytics & BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Project Management & Business Analyst
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps

You can send us a message to discuss your specific need to understand together what’s the best cloud solution for your business. 

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