Chillibreeze brings jobs to northeast India with Office 365 and SideKick 365 xRM

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Disjointed ad hoc solutions can only hold for so long before they cave under the pressures of increasing demand and growth. To provide lasting solutions and good service, businesses and their employees must not only work together and connect, but they must use tools that do also. Chillibreeze, founded 10 years ago in rural NE India, gets this. With data silos, remote employees, and limited IT resources, they had real obstacles to overcome. But leveraging Office 365 with SideKick 365 xRM, this once struggling company is now a sustainable IT business creating jobs in an emerging market and supporting customers worldwide. At Synergo Group, we understand how important data integration and team collaboration are to long-term business success. Watch this video to see how #Office365 worked for Chillibreeze, and let us show you how it can work for your business too.

Ten years ago, Joanna and Ralph Budelman founded Chillibreeze to create jobs in rural NE India. Overcoming limited IT resources and infrastructure, they created a niche PowerPoint service for global customers. But they struggled to meet increasing customer demand with their ad hoc solutions and siloed data. In this week’s video, watch how Microsoft partner, Skylight Systems, helped Chillibreeze to build infrastructure where there was none and to pull together disparate data with Office 365 and SideKick 365 xRM. Chillibreeze, now a 50-employee firm, serves customers around the world.

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