Broadclyst School–Online Dining

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Satisfying all stakeholders in an organization is no small task. But Synergo Group knows getting everyone on the same page can produce superior results. The dining hall at Broadclyst School seems an unlikely setting for high-tech consensus building. But #Office365 with Microsoft Forms enables school staff to feed each student according to his or her individual preferences. Furthermore, the analysis of a survey informs the school kitchen's food orders and menu design--leading to a happy, well-fed student body. Synergo Group can help you satisfy stakeholder appetites too. Contact us to find out how.

In this clip, Synergo Group learns how Office 365 with Microsoft Forms supports high-tech consensus building in Broadclyst School’s dining hall. By entering immediate feedback into a Forms survey after each meal, students provide data for Forms to analyze and deliver results that inform kitchen food orders and menu design. Contact us–we’ll show you how Office 365 with Forms can help satisfy stakeholder appetites in your organization.

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