Intro to Digital Workspace Tech Zone Activity Paths

Meet VMware’s activity paths. Find content from all over the web, tutorials, and experiment with the product in this knowledge-rich environment. Empower the digital workspace with simpler app and access management, unifying endpoint management, and superior Windows delivery.

Suffolk Builds Efficiency into Data Access with Microsoft Teams to Save Time and Money

As the construction sector shifts to cloud solutions and big data, leading companies like Suffolk keep pace by empowering employees with software tools from the Microsoft 365 cloud productivity suite that are just as useful in the head office as on the jobsite. Get the story on how Microsoft 365 cloud tools including Teams for virtual collaboration help Suffolk save valuable time and money by building efficiency into data access and teamwork.

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Solution Brief — Workspace Security VDI

With the shift to a distributed workforce, desktop and application virtualization are key enablers of secure access to applications and data from any device and location. VMware Workspace security VDI delivers a secure virtual desktop and application solution for the distributed workforce by combining VMware Horizon and Carbon Black Cloud on a single, unified platform. Download this solution brief for an overview of capabilities, benefits and deployment options.

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Customer Experience

65% of buyers consider a positive brand experience more influential than great advertising. And smart, efficient, and personalized solutions keep customers coming back.

Deliver an easy, customized signing experience to customers with DocuSign eSignature. Check out this infographic–which shows industry trends, pain points, and proof points–to learn why and how.

And to find the right DocuSign solution for your business to deliver better customer experiences, contact our team at Synergo Group.

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Improve Customer Experience with DocuSign

In a digital economy, customers expect service at the speed of now. More than ever before, companies must reach customers where they are, when they’re ready, and how they want to engage.

With DocuSign, you can deliver a fast, secure, user-friendly solution to keep customers happy. You’ll never have to chase paper with eSignature! Instead, data and documents are centralized, secure, and easy to find. You can track and respond to customer feedback in real time, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Intellicare Continued to Support 1.4 Million Members During Lockdown with VMware

Discover how leading HMO Intellicare continued to support 1.4 million members during lockdown with VMware in the Philippines in this compelling customer story. Allowing 70 percent of employees to work from home, VMware also increased IT’s efficiency, agility and scalability while securing sensitive customer data.

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