Azure enabling precision agriculture

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Human ingenuity created agriculture. Now, technology is aiding human ingenuity to ensure a sustainable future for farming that can feed the ever-growing global population. Azure provides the capability to integrate Machine Learning into the processing and analyzing of ground sensor and drone data to maximize soil productivity. With Azure, farmers now have the processing power of the cloud, capable of transferring large amounts of data seamlessly, and then turning that data into valuable insights and results. can help your business achieve the advantages of Azure, too. Contact us to find out how.

FarmBeats is an AI for Earth Lighthouse project aimed at showcasing the benefits of Azure in a variety of applications. Water scarcity and pollution are threatening the livelihood of farmers around the world; they are under immense pressure to produce. Through sensors, drones, data analytics, AI, and connectivity solutions, Microsoft is enabling precision agriculture to improve yield while reducing resource consumption.

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