Adding Value to e-Commerce

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At Synergo Group we specialize in adding value through technical excellence and innovative solutions. With a broad portfolio of technical skills, we are always on hand to provide clean and intuitive user environments that allow businesses to grow.


We were recently contacted by IGIGI, a leading Women’s Fashion e-Commerce retailer. As a growing company that had grown into an established player in the market, they had started with a small team of Magento Developers and recently found a need to greatly expand the level of technical sophistication at their disposal.

By contacting Synergo Group, they were able to hear directly from experts in their fields who are more than happy to work with them on an ongoing collaborative basis. Our goal is always to provide our customers with access to the technical skills they need, combined with a personable approach that allows for a fluent back and forth dialogue.

This combination of technical skills and communication allows every customer to get a clear idea of what is possible at every stage of the creative design process. By feeding what we find back into the discussion, we are able to create end results that the customer loves, and that we are proud to put our name to.

A key issue facing IGIGI was their need to migrate their old patched up Magneto code to the latest environment so that they could further proof their online presence. As part of our collaborative approach, we also liaised with IGIGI along every step of the way to introduce those personal touches and simplifying features which provide the clean and intuitive experience users truly value.

In addition to the coding to provide a solid technical foundation, we were also heavily involved in new additions such as AdWords and SEO to further highlight IGIGI to browsers and potential customers.

We are proud to see the online presence we have been heavily involved in developing continue to go from strength to strength. This is testament to the technical skill and collaborative approach of every member of staff here at Synergo Group.

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