A Paperless Way of Working Dawns for Czech Water Engineering Services Leader

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If you've been holding back on creating paperless operating, now's the time to make your move Microsoft. Watch the video to see how a Czech firm has transformed their mobile workforce by embracing Dynamics and Office 365. Synergo Group is here to help you embark on your own transformation by setting you up with the right Microsoft solutions.

PAVELKA-VTP is a Czech family water engineering firm that found itself still working in paper operations despite 20 years of rapid growth. In the video, you’ll learn how they were able to leverage Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 to empower their highly-mobile engineer force with all of the data and solutions to complete a job on their mobile devices anywhere. After you watch the video, contact Synergo Group so we can help you drive collaboration and productivity among your workforce with Office 365.

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