6 retail tech trends to watch for that go beyond competing with Amazon

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On the backend, #retail businesses have hundreds of tasks that must go smoothly for customers to have a great shopping experience. This means that #automation and the #IoT go hand-in-hand to add increasing value to retail customers. In this article, you'll learn about the 6 main tech trends #Microsoft and other top players are using to push the envelope within the industry.

It’s been made clear that focusing on their customers’ experiences is every retailer’s top priority. However, part of the reason why this challenge is so complex is due to the logistics of running a retail business. Backend logistics, manual tasks, paper-intensive procedures, and item return processes are just some of the factors that decision makers and employees must manage daily, which takes away time from strategy or innovation.

Thankfully, emerging technologies are enabling businesses to automate the least creative aspects of their daily operations. This, in turn, empowers their workforce to truly focus their attention on what really matters: their customers. In this article, you’ll learn about the 6 most defining and value-adding tech trends available for retailers at the turn of this decade.

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