10 ways to run effective remote meetings

Take a crash course on simple things #nonprofit teams can do to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and keep everyone engaged. Check out “10 ways to run effective remote meetings,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, to gain insights into all the logistics of online meetings:

• Preparing the agenda and questions in advance
• Pre-testing technology and avoiding plug-ins
• Using the virtual lobby and practicing online etiquette
• Ensuring clear recordings and audio

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3 ways modern sales productivity technologies drive results for high-growth SMBs

A recent study shows over 40% of SMB leaders expect to invest in automation and machine learning, signifying a shift to analytics-based sales interactions and decisions. With Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional, Synergo Group can help your sales organization make the shift.
This benefits businesses by shifting low-value work away from high-value employees, but it is also beneficial to employees by allowing them to focus on the more engaging and dynamic aspects of their work.

All of these advantages are accomplished through sales productivity technologies such as Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional. Want to make your sales more profitable and interesting? Contact us to learn more.

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4 Trends Impacting Cloud Adoption in 2020

Gartner has identified 4 trends set to shape cloud adoption in 2020. What are they, and how will they impact your cloud adoption and migration journey? Read this article from Gartner and contact Synergo Group to learn more.

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