The role of familiarity in predicting the ability of technology to improve learning outcomes

We often spend so much time focused on getting technology into classrooms, and devices in the hands of students, that we fail to focus on ensuring that these technologies are actually being applied in a meaningful way.

Teachers are already overburdened with an abundance of requirements and a lack of time to meet them. So, instead of simply demanding they figure out the technology and implementation on their own time, we believe in setting them up for success from the start.

By providing an interface that teachers are already familiar with, like Windows 10, we can slash their learning curve, reduce frustration, and get tech into curriculums faster. Contact us to learn more.

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Preparing the class of 2030

Social and emotional skills are far more predictive of a student’s achievement than home environment or demographics. That’s because employers are looking for people who are able to think on their feet and build strong relationships.

Technology has the incredible potential to level the playing field and make these important skill developments accessible to all students, by giving teachers the ability to combine emotional and cognitive skills with academic learning.

At Synergo Group, we want to help your school use technology to arm all student with the skills they’ll need in the workplace.

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Still can’t decide whether or not to move to the cloud?

We could tell you about the stress-free transfer process, or the time savings for your business that comes with always being up-to-date, or the cost savings that result from only paying for exactly what you need.

But we’d rather show you! Subscribe and stay tuned to learn about the incredible benefits of cloud-based computing for yourself.

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Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Switching from an on-premises server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance can result in an ROI of 212% and post-migration payback within six months.

How is this possible? The brilliance behind Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is its customizability. Choose and pay for exactly the space and computing power you need, while utilizing options like Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserving capacity to save you big dollars.

Plus, the move from your on-premises server to the cloud is simple, with no need to reconfigure your applications.

Synergo Group is ready to help you get started. What are you waiting for?

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