Energy intelligence: renewables.AI

Renewables.AI is making solar energy affordable. By getting the most out of their data, they can distribute solar power where and when its needed efficiently and at a lower cost. Synergo Group knows that your data holds the key to unlocking savings for your business as well.

With Azure Databricks, reduce cost with a managed platform that autoscales up and down. Thanks to the power of Azure, renewables.AI can promote a stable energy future for everyone.

We want you to have the control you need to reduce costs and drive revenue. Message us to find out how we can help with a custom-tailored approach.

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The future of intelligent cities powered by Azure IoT

As IoT pioneer DimOnOff already knows, the benefits of incorporating AI into your business can mean serious increases in customer experience. But Synergo Group realizes the process of incorporating AI can be convoluted, that’s why we’re here to help.

Azure makes incorporating AI easier than ever with pre-built tools and APIs. DimOnOff customers love integrated AI platforms because it means immediate service that gets them on the road faster.

Message us to receive a personalized strategy for adopting Azure and ensure the people that drive your business have the vehicle to get you where you’re going.

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The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft 365 Education: Improving student learning while reducing cost and effort

It is every school district’s goal to provide better educational experiences for their students. That’s exactly why these five school districts decided to move to Microsoft 365. Did they achieve it? You bet, and in more ways than one.

Teachers were able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focused on student needs and improving curriculums. Districts were able to save on IT costs and affordably put more devices in students’ hands, moving toward their goal of one-to-one student-to-device ratios. Most importantly, students became more engaged with their studies.

Check out the full results of the study and contact us to learn more about what they could mean for your district.

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More time for teachers. More savings for the district. More opportunities for students.

No teacher went into the profession to spend time in front of a computer! People became teachers to share knowledge and have a positive impact on students’ lives. Microsoft can help them achieve this by giving valuable time back.

With the efficiencies provided through Microsoft 365 tools, teachers can refocus their time and effort toward more impactful things such as one-on-one time with students, expanding their curriculum to be more inclusive, and pursuing new professional development opportunities. The result is better learning outcomes for students and greater job satisfaction for teachers.

Learn more about this and other exciting benefits of Microsoft 365 in this infographic.

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