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Manual processes, handwritten logs, and paper trails are not only inefficient, but they can be costly. These outdated business management techniques often result in error, duplication, and quality-control issues that can compromise efficiency, productivity, and morale.

But with cloud-based productivity and data centralization tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can modernize your business and achieve more.

At Synergo Group, we understand the importance of modern digital tools to help businesses move forward. Contact us to learn more. #WhyCloud

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Here’s How Microsoft Is Investing in AI

While many cloud services providers are attempting to integrate AI, Microsoft is doubling down on their efforts to maximize the latest technology to help the end user–you. At Synergo Group, we want you to have the latest information about what’s going on in the AI world. That’s why we’ve found this article to bring you up to speed on how Microsoft is investing in AI.

Comparing Microsoft to other major industry leaders will give you the relevance of AI tech in your business and some useful ways you can seamlessly incorporate it by using Azure services.

We want to help you integrate AI into your business. Contact us to find out how.

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Democratizing AI to Improve Citizen Health

Artificial intelligence is helping organizations all over the world to expand their capabilities. Just ask the Cochrane Transform Project. At Synergo Group, we want you to have the best tools to increase your abilities.

With Azure, the Cochrane Transform Project–and more than 5,000 citizen scientists around the world–are using artificial intelligence to analyze hundreds of thousands of reports and clinical trials, speeding up the research for cures. All thanks to Azure.

We want you to maximize your data’s potential. Contact us for more.

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6 Ways To Empower Your Employees With Customer Data Analytics

To get their best effort, employees’ initiative cannot be stifled. They should be encouraged to act on opportunities presented. At Synergo Group, we want to unlock the potential of your employees by giving them access to data analytics.

Azure puts data analytics in the hands of everyone at your organization. So they can take part, analyze, and act on opportunities that present themselves. With no infrastructure to manage, you can process data on-demand, scale instantly, and pay per job.

We want to help you give your employees the tools they need to improve your business. Contact us and check out this article on empowering your employees with data analytics.

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