New Belgium Brewery and Microsoft Dynamics – The CRM Story

“We have fun. We make fun. We share fun. The future is bright,” that’s what we heard from the New Belgium Brewing Company. What’s CRM powers all this fun? Microsoft Dynamics 365, of course!

“Technology now is a natural extension of how we do our job. And that tech must fit into the experience that we’re trying to give to our co-workers and our customers,” the brewer says. In this video, discover how Dynamics helps New Belgium Brewing discover the best path to reaching each and every buyer and engaging with personalized content.

Here Is the One Question You Need to Ask Your Sales Team

What’s the one question to ask your sales team to empower them to achieve more? Check out this article from award-winning researcher, sales expert and tech entrepreneur, David Priemer. In Entrepreneur, David shares advice for selling more, faster and with less friction –encouraging organizations to unveil “blockers and blind spots lurking in the dark corners of your sales operation.”

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Synergo Group Named Top B2B Company in Romania by Clutch

Synergo Group Named Top B2B Company in Romania by Clutch

Whether they involve hiring marketing professionals, or attaining a certain metric for site traffic, there is always a long list of to-do’s when a company is just starting out. A component that should also be included to that list is a top-notch software solution, to help your customers and internal staff. In the age of digital know-how, it would be a faux pas not to have a fierce technical arm to your emerging business. If you’re unsure of where to start your journey towards achieving technical success, Synergo Group is here to help!

With offices in 9 regions around the globe, Synergo group has been a domineering force in custom software development for quite some time. We provide the technical muscle for your business, up to and including conception, design, development, support, and management. We’ve helped countless companies with web and mobile app development, API’s, BI, AI, DevOps, and IoT solutions.

In acknowledgment of our efforts, we’ve been named one of the top B2B Romanian firms by Clutch! A huge thanks to our customers for participating in one-on-one client interviews, where they shared feedback on our business process. In reflection, we’ve received a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars! Please take a look at a recent review below:

Clutch is a B2B reviews firm that uses a unique ratings methodology to compare industry leaders around the world. Their sister site that focuses on business metrics, The Manifest, lists us as a one of the top app development experts. Their other affiliate platform, Visual Objects, centers around company portfolios and features us on their directory of top-performing companies

Once again, thank you to Clutch and our clients for making this award possible! Please drop us a line if you’d like to collaborate today!

Take customer engagement to a whole new level

Engagement matters to technology buyers. Check out this infographic to see how combining Dynamics 365 for Sales, Office 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps customers break through roadblocks to better sales efficiency by bringing relationship data together for actionable insights.

Get out from under the complexity of disconnected tools, data and processes once and for all!

View: Take customer engagement to a whole new level

A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Application

Like the vast majority of Nepalese, Melisha Ghimere came from a remote village from a family of subsistence farmers who raised cows, goats, and water buffalos. Seven years ago, she watched her relatively wealthy uncle and aunt lose a lot of their herd to an outbreak of anthrax; they were never to recover their economic footing. Melisha went on to college thinking about the plight of her family. In college, she worked to develop a predictive early warning solution to help farmers. With a team of four students, they researched livestock farming, veterinary practices, and spoke to farmers. They built a prototype for a monitoring device that tracks temperature, sleep patterns, stress levels, motion, and the activity of farm animals. Melisha’s AI system predicts the likely health of each animal based on often subtle changes in these observations. Farmers are able to track their animals, receive alerts and actionable recommendations. Although her project is still in its infancy, the field tests have shown the solution was about 95% accurate in predicting risks to an animal’s health. Melisha and her team were able to help a family prevent a deadly outbreak of an anthrax infection by identifying a diseased cow, before symptoms were evident to the farmer. Melisha’s team was a regional finalist in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition in 2016.* For more to inspire you to embrace AI, read this developer’s ebook. Then contact us to find out how we can help make AI work for you!

* The Future Computed–Artificial Intelligence and its role in society–Microsoft

View: A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Application

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Today’s modern salesforce needs tools to streamline the sales process, automate routine tasks and identify the best path to each buyer. Explore Dynamics 365. It offers insights and identifies relationship risks and opportunities. It can even recommend next steps–action cards, social and email engagement strategies and sales playbooks. And it does this while interacting with the platform and tools your team already uses — like LinkedIn, Office 365 and Skype.

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Victrex finds best way to map their sales pipeline

Victrex Business Unit Director Andy Walton’s a tough customer. He’s worked with multiple CRM systems and knows just what he wants. When it became clear he needed a better way to capture and track data on all the contacts that influence buying decisions, he found his solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Watch this video to discover how Victrix uses Dynamics to map a sustainable business pipeline that enables sales to engage at scale and personalize outreach.